What did you have to wait for today?

I had to wait on some shoes that were being brought out to me, but that wasn’t too big of a deal. I also had to wait on the cupcakes Ryan and I made to cool down so we could frost them and get the heck out of Dodge! Ha, clichés are great.

I basically explained what happened today… I got ready and went to the mall to return some shoes that my mom had gotten me. Don’t get me wrong here, I LOVE when my mom surprises me with gifts, but I’d rather be there to pick it out, so that way I know I like it and it’s my fault if I don’t end up wearing it. They were nice shoes, just not my style. Anyway I dropped Ryan off at his place and went to the mall to exchange my shoes.
I got some cute Gianni Bini flat kind of things with sequences all over them (I like everything that sparkles…for the most part). Went back to Ryan’s and helped him pack for the weekend we were going to spending at his parent’s house. Since his little brother hurt his leg (pretty bad, keep him in your prayers!) I wanted to make him some cupcakes! Ryan and I headed to Kroger to pick up some things we needed for the cupcakes and the road trip -I take road tripping a very serious matter, I gotta have my snacks- and went back to my house. We made “cookies and cream” cupcakes. They were DELISH! I might put the recipe up eventually. 🙂
I packed up my things and we headed out of town! We got to Ryan’s parents house and didn’t really do much, just hung out and his dad put some steaks on the grill. They were seriously amazing! Pretty great day if you ask me!


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