Who had the biggest influence on your day?

I would have to say that Ryan had a pretty big influence on my day. Not for any huge, obvious reason, but because where he was, I was. That’s usually how our relationship is though; where he is, you can find me next to him and vise versa. No, we’re not totally dependent on each other, just like being around the other.

Today sort of felt like a lazy day for me! I barely got any sleep last night. 😦 I slept until around 10:30ish, then I got up and joined the rest of Ryan’s family in the kitchen. Not much was going on, until we shot some skeet. I’ve been skeet shooting before, obviously, but hadn’t really shot any before, because I sort of suck at shooting moving objects. Give me a still standing deer and BOOM! lights out, buddy. Anyway! Skeet shooting. I shot one! Yes, one…but I hit it! I was happy. 🙂 After that, not much else happened. We went about the day lying around, which was fine by me! I was about to be a busy bee for the next few months! Ryan and I came back home around 6:30 and watched a few t.v. shows while I attempted a D.I.Y. craft… Sigh… I didn’t have the patience tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, though! I’ll try it then. 🙂


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