I’m starting my 5 year journal! Here it goes!

Who is the first person you saw today?

My dear Ryan! We went to spend the weekend at my dad’s this weekend. We had loads of fun!

Today was an exciting day! My dad, who manages a ranch in Millican, Texas, made Ryan and I breakfast. Obviously it was the bomb and I had seconds :). After that we went out to the ranch and shot some skeet for a while, but then it got entirely too hot. We rode around the some then went down to the river that lines about three miles of the ranch. The water felt AMAZING. Dad and Ryan fully immersed themselves, I, on the other hand, hate having my clothes wet. At all. Unless it’s a swimsuit, then hey! I’m all in! After that little fun we headed back to the house and spent some time together before Ryan and I headed back to his house. I had been wanting to run a mile a day for a while now, and today was the day we started! It was ROUGH, but we got through it and even did a little work out after. By workout I mean I did a few dips and Ryan did a full-scale workout. It’s a start, right?


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