What’s your biggest phobia?

I have what is called Misophonia, diagnosed by the one and only me. 🙂 Seriously though, I HATE when people smack, crunch really loudly, or make any sort of obnoxious noises with their mouth. I would say when their eating, but it’s really at any point.

Today was another long day, work wise. We weren’t really too busy at the coffee shop, so I was mainly journaling and working on my Makes Me Think Monday. That made the time pass pretty quickly. I got a nice little visit from my Ryan, which made me happier. 🙂 I had some profound talks with my coworkers. Mostly about the Holocaust and how we’re just one planet and even though we think we know so much, it’s relatively nothing compared to what’s “out there.” Other than that, nothing really exciting happened.


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