How full is your fridge?

Well…not that full. It’s mainly full of left-overs. There’s not much that I would drink on a regular basis…like apple juice or orange juice…mmmmm…orange juice 🙂

Today was another normal day, which I guess I should be very thankful for! Nothing happening is better than something crazy happening…right? Anyway, went in to work at 10:30 this morning… didn’t stay too long. I did get to see my sister and the kids! I missed them so so soooooo much! All of them make me laugh, they’re so silly. Went and ate dinner with mom and Ryan… Mexican. 🙂 Oh yeah! I almost sold half of my wardrobe! Fingers crossed! I need money and my closet would love some space! I’m off of work tomorrow. Yay!! I hear some retail therapy calling me. 🙂


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